Sunday, February 10, 2008

As seen at the blog of a really clever ambulance driver

What do you think when I say:

1. Beer: pretzles.
2. Anorexic: cat (old kitty had that diagnosis once.. then she got over it).
3. Relationships: hubby.
4. Purple: Vikings.
5. Power Rangers: someone's ADS
6. Weed: the TV show Weeds
7. Steroids: football.
8. Cartoons: PhD Commics.
9. The President: we are getting a new one, not soon enough!
10. Tupperware: Hubby cleaning out the cupboard.
11. Best vacation: Canada -- or the next one, wherever that may be.
12. Santa Claus: stuck in the chimney.
13. Halloween: candy.
14. Bon Jovi: my teenage years.
15. Grammar: Grammar Gal.
16. Facebook: silly but fun.
17. Worst fear: hubby dying, like others close to me.
18. Marriage: hubby, of course... who else?.
19. Paris Hilton: dumb blond, poor thing.
21. Redhead: The Redhead
22. Blonde: me, sometime
23. Pass the time: reading blogs
24. One night stands: what's that?
25. Donald Trump: See #19.
26. Neverland: Michael Jackson is a creep
27. Pixie dust: PCP.
28. Vanilla ice cream: chocolate sauce.
29. High School: yikes.
30. Work: lots to do!.
31. Pajamas: Sundays with hubby
32. Woods: Mom
33. Wet Sock: canoe trips in the woods
34. Alcohol: no thanks.
35. Love: hubby


Miss Kitty said...

Wow. I think my brain would've gone blank seeing all those. Nice going!

Christopias Spritopher said...

We play a game like this in my classroom, its to see who can be the most random the longest. Guess who always wins? Yes! You're right, I do.