Wednesday, February 27, 2008


  • I just ordered a new swimsuit... on-line. It is a bit scary, as trying these things on is usually very important, but they have a good return policy etc... --and, they had a reasonably priced suit that is supposed to be chlorine resistant -- which would be nice, as my current suit has just been killed by the chlorine.
  • In swimsuit-related news -- I went down to the "summer" gym again today. I really like it and my summer water aerobics buddies take class down there, so it was nice to see them. I can't wait until they open the outdoor pool -- I'm going to be the most water-aerobics-taking dissertator you can imagine. If I have most of a dissertation and a tan this summer, nobody will believe that I managed to achieve both.
  • We've had some organizational changes at work -- and, while it would have been easier not to have them -- I think it is going to be OK.... I liked the new version of the group I met with on Monday -- and we are small enough not to have to meet in a classroom, so conference room comfy chairs it was :).
  • I have a cleaning person coming for her first time two weeks from today -- YEA!!!!!!!! I'll cut lots of corners elsewhere if someone will come in to clean mine... What is nice is that she's a student from last semester (Ethics), so I already know her -- and, she has cats so my furry beasts won't scare her.
  • Hubby will be home tomorrow -- for day 2 of 40th Birthday madness.... which will really be a nice dinner at home with episodes of "Jericho" on TIVO... We're doing a gourmet dinner someplace fancy in the BNCC big city on Friday night....
  • Between now and March 24, Hubby and I will spend only 4 nights apart -- wow!! Can we handle that?? I suspect so -- but, it could be a preview of summer.... which is why it is also nice that the cleaning person will be here...
  • BNCC faculty may not go on strike -- which is nice.
  • Tomorrow I'll give a logic quiz--- which is nice because it gives me some 'non-talking time'.
  • I'm also showing an episode of "House" for Biomedical Ethics -- so, an overall easy day. I'm showing the one from the first season where House defies a DNR order -- we'll be talking about death and dying in the next week -- since they just took a pretty challenging exam and they really have been working hard -- they deserve a bit of a break.


Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

cleaning person = nirvana, if you ask me!

Bardiac said...

Amen on the cleaning person.

But I think you just want to drool over Hugh Laurie... I wonder if I could find an excuse to show an episode in my Shakespeare clas sometime?