Thursday, November 12, 2009

A while back...

... I got a new office chair.

It sucked -- and got worse. The Minion has clawed it up, it's ugly and not comfortable --

Today I got tired of it -- and went to IKEA.. and got this chair.

The bonus is that it matches the couch - and, if I decide it sucks we can put it out there and I'll get another traditional office chair. Hubby gets another assembly credit. If he ever comes to his senses and gets rid of me (not that I'm worried about that) , I'm going to include a lifetime furniture assembly rider in the divorce paperwork... I'm sure the killer divorce lawyer I'll hire can get that done :).

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We got an office chair from IKEA last year and it has held up JUST FINE. Their stuff may be cheap, but in my experience it holds up well. ANd matching other furniture? Always good:)