Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A short rant...

.. on the "right" to have an opinion.

Ummm.. yea, you can say whatever the heck you want.

You can say whatever you want -- but, if people disagree with you, they can say whatever they want too... that's the way this works. Sometimes what they'll say is stuff you don't want to hear -- just as what you've just said is something THEY didn't want to hear. The tricky thing about freedoms is that if you have one, so do the people who think you are wrong.

Understand this -- the First Amendment protects your LEGAL right to say whatever dumb-ass thing that comes into your mind. It does NOT mean that other people won't think you're a dumb-ass. It does not mean that someone has to hire you in spite of the stupid stuff you said. It does not mean that we have to sit back and let you say stupid stuff. It certainly doesn't mean that others must provide a forum for your dumb-ass stuff.

On the other hand -- forget what I just said -- keep talking and saying dumb-ass stuff, so we'll know what's in that pretty little blond head of yours... that way we can make our own decisions.


julie said...

I've had fun with this neologism: "freedumb" -- seems to fit here.

Seeking Solace said...

I like to use the words of the comedian, Ron White. "The next time you have a thought...let it go."