Monday, November 16, 2009

The weekend...

... was busy, but good.

Friday --
  • I had an oncologist check-up -- things seem to be fine. Assuming the blood tests come back good (I don't even know what they're testing for..), this will be my 1 year "clean" mark!!
  • Hubby participated in BNCC's pecha Kucha...I helped organize it -- and he was good.
Saturday --
  • Hubby got a new toy -- mostly because it will end up costing us very little when he gets the paperwork done..
  • Hubby's study group had a dinner with all the study group folks and their spouses. After the third restaurant (group of 11 -- no reservations = too long for us to wait at Bucca and Houlihan's...) we finally got to sit down and chat. Next time we'll think ahead and get reservations -- duh.
Sunday --
  • Hubby played poker with the law school folks. I went to get waxed.
  • I made mac and cheese for lunches -- with ham and bleu cheese... yummm!
No, I didn't get any work done -- yes, I have a lot of work to do -- do I really care, kind of -- but only kind of... hmmm.

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julie said...

I'm exactly there. Same state of affairs.