Monday, November 30, 2009

Student foul...

Stu:"Hey, you were going to send me your feedback on that paper".
Me: "I thought I sent it, I'll do it tomorrow"

e-mail system: "Stu's a dumb-ass and hir mailbox is full"

Me: Now I remember, it bounced before... hmmm.

Tis' the season for student fouls... what are yours?


julie said...

Same: full inboxes, bounced-back responses.

Latest email message from a student absent from class today (a crucial peer-review workshop for the final project, due in a week) because [and I quote] "For some reason I thought we did not have class today. I guess I am irresponsibly in the holiday spirits."

phd me said...

Stu: "Hey [insert diminutive form of first name], sorry I didn't turn that paper in on time but I'm working on it now."

Me: ...