Tuesday, November 03, 2009

BNstate "Holidays"

BN state has the regular holidays -- plus two.

The June holiday isn't much of a problem for me -- summer classes don't meet on Friday -- so the FISHING opener isn't much of a problem... Students can get to the woods, get properly drunk, (hopefully) not fall out of their boats on Saturday and make it back to class on Monday in decent shape. Fishing season lasts all summer -- so they have plenty of time to go to the lake, drown some worms and drink.

The November holiday is much more problematic -- you see, DEER season is about 10 days long -- and some folks think they should be able to stalk Bambi, drink /pee in the woods and try not to shoot one another for the full 10 days... no matter that it means they'll miss a full week of classes, plus travel time.

So, yesterday I had a short exchange with Stu.
Stu has already missed 5 classes...5 of our 75 minute classes, which means he's missed 2.5 weeks of class. Last week Stu asked me about maximum absences -- and, I think he's asked me before... so, this has been brewing for a while.

Yesterday Stu asked again when I'd start dropping students. I told him (again) that due to the H1N1 stuff I was being more lenient with absences, so if he wasn't feeling well he should not come to class.

Stu told me he was going hunting over the weekend and that he may not make it to class on Monday. It doesn't help that we have Wednesday off next week for Veteran's day -- so, Stu can get a whole week of shooting/drinking/peeing in the woods by missing one class. I really wouldn't mind, but Stu hasn't managed his absences well so far...

My only response to Stu was to give him one of those 'over the glasses' you've got to be **itting me looks.

Really, it doesn't matter if Stu shows up -- he's AIC (absent in class) anyway and not so likely to pass the class.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Never fails, does it? And deer hunting is practically a national holiday...more sacred than Thanksgiving for some of these guys. Too bad Stu wasted his absences already;)