Friday, August 21, 2009

Some things don't change....

Doom day #3 -- report:

The first two days were pretty good. We weren't trapped and forced to listen to an endless string of BNCC bureaucrats "tell" us the same stuff. We skipped the introductions of the "new" staff -- i.e. those hired since last August -- and they went light on the attempts to treat staff and faculty the same... It's always amusing to hear our college president talk, and he did most of it...

On day 1 we actually went to breakout sessions focused on four college initiatives -- they were run by administrators and faculty who are just starting the process, and the purpose was to get input. Even if, as I suspect, the call for "input" was a sham -- at least they had the sense to pretend it was a sham.

Day 2 was conference-style -- with a keynote (probably highly paid) who told us stuff we already knew and/or that didn't apply to our context... so, like most years. I spent the morning session with Kalia Yang - and the afternoon learning about the new technology in my classroom -- I only went because they were holding it IN my classroom... and there had been no notice of equipment changes, so I wanted to see what they did :).

Day 3 -- was just about back to the old style... Same folks, with the same axes to grind -- An administrator who doesn't understand how long 20 minutes is -- so he spent at least 15 minutes on the details of a facility most of us don't work in -- 4 minutes on the parking lot and about 5 minutes on the massive renovation going on in the building we were sitting in... most of which were not so direct warnings/threats about noise complaints...

After that -- we had our faculty union meeting -- and, although I really like our new union president -- the rest was the same old stuff... from the same people... and one thing that deserves it's own post / rant.

The nice thing was that, at 11:00 -- I was done!!

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