Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hint for students...

... when you e-mail your professor, check your e-mail for replies.

We're smart enough to hit "reply" -- answer your question and move on with our lives.

DO NOT -- EVER, Freaking, EVER, EVER, EEEEVVVVVEEEEERRRRR imply that we haven't answered or ask about our answer unless you've checked your frigging in-box first.

and don't even think about sending an e-mail from another account asking for the same information -- then -- don't think about whining in that and subsequent e-mails about not getting an answer to the first one you wrote. And for goodness sakes, don't be rude and demand that I do the stuff on your calendar. FYI -- I have until the 15th to submit ANY grade for your course (I read my e-mails, the registrar says I have until then.. .so ha!). I really don't care that you have to turn your grade into your employer -- they won't care that it's a B instead of an A -- all they care is that you passed.... dumb-ass.

The last e-mail was a double dumb-ass move and I'm really thinking about not changing your grade-- I was kind and said I'd bump you up when I got back on campus. I could not -- don't push it.


julie said...

Don't bump it up!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

The reason I said I'd bump it up was that she was at 89.3%, including the one extra credit assignment I missed -- and her attendance was good.

That hasn't changed, even though she turned into a twit.... but, I'm not about to hurry over to campus to change the grade, especially with her behavior.