Monday, August 03, 2009

On life experiences and compassion....

A good friend is having a bit of a crisis -- it's been on and off for a while, but generally she's having both economic and emotional challenges. She's a good person, a great friend and very smart --- she's also unlucky.

What frosts me is that she's had people around her that have no compassion or basic understanding about how life can take a good person and repeatedly poo on them. Between her family and some of her (supposed) friends -- they just aren't any help. So -- she's with me and Hubby... and we'll help her get her poo in a group.

So, today she's off looking for a job. She's cute as hell, smarter than most people I know and she has killer interpersonal and supervisory skills... She also has 3+ interviews scheduled this week.

Send her good vibes -- she only wants what the rest of us want... a decent place to put your stuff, a sweet kitty to cuddle with and a car that works.

and -- if there is any truth to the idea that this is a meritocracy, she'll kick ass in one of these jobs, make a big pile of money and tell her friends and (supposed) friends to kiss her cute backside when they ask her for help..... 'cuz they will.


Psych Post Doc said...

Best of luck to your friend. I hope she gets multiple offers. :)

It's too bad those around her couldn't see their way to help her, she's lucky she has you and your husband.

Anonymous said...

Been there.
I'm sending good thoughts her way.