Monday, August 03, 2009

Old friends and old relatives...

So Saturday I had dinner with three women I hung out with when we were in high school. They all went to a neighboring school -- I met them thanks to my sister.

It was the second time we'd seen one another this summer -- so we were over the 'this is how my life has gone the last 20ish years, so how have you been' phase.

We got down to -- who are you still in contact with?

One of them was in contact with S, whom the others hung out with in high school. For some reason I either didn't know that when we hung out together, or I'd forgotten.

Anyway -- S's mom was married to my dad when he died. S and I are about the same age and were good friends when our parents were married. After Dad died, we didn't see one another very often --- and eventually drifted apart.

So, Saturday night I sent S a facebook friend request -- she confirmed it this morning and we've set up a time to meet...

today, 4:30 -- at her mom's house!!!

Exciting, weird and a little scary all at the same time.

So -- wish me luck!

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