Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Quick updates...

Friend is doing pretty well -- for the most part. When she keeps her forward momentum going, she's in good shape. She had three interviews yesterday and has several more leads/interviews the rest of the week. Keep the good vibes going for her, she can use all the positive energy she can get!.

I'm still processing my visit with S. It was good in that she's still sweet -- and she seems quite happy. It was weird because I haven't talked to my step-mom (it's hard to even type that, since I rarely think of her) as an adult.

It was hard because I had to tell them about my sister's death. That put things on a weird note right away as they processed things. After that, it was good to see that both seem happy and healthy -- stable and settled etc.

It was hard because S's mom was only married a month before her 4th hubby had a massive heart attack which left him with significant brain damage. She's been his caregiver for 9 years. S became a certified home health aid and her job has been being her mom's back-up. It's fantastic that S can be paid for her work and, since she's working for family she can bring her kids to work. It's hard because they seem to have a pretty limited circle -- so, it must be difficult and lonely to live their lives.

I'm thinking about ways to make things easier or better for them. They have their basic needs met -- but, it seems like there is a big gap there that I don't quite understand.

It's weird to see a woman who, if he had lived, might have been married to my dad. My dad's been gone 27 years -- and he was only 48 when he died. So it's hard to imagine what their lives would be like -- or what mine would have been like had he not died.


Allmycke said...

You must be a very special person who is considering ways of helping someone that actually has not been part of your family for 27 years.
I wish you had been the daughter of my Mom's second husband - we could've been great friends!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

The thing is, I really feel that as a good daughter of both my parents, (Mom is a nurse, Dad was a cop..) it's the right thing to do... not that I can help them a lot --but, if I can make their lives better then why not?

S's mom is a bright woman who seems to be stuck in a difficult situation. I'm not sure -- but, it seemed to me that she and my dad were happy together and if he was happy at the end of his life, then that's a good thing. FWIW -- he died suddenly, so she didn't have to nurse him...

S is a little go-getter with a lot of spunk. She has kids and a sweet hubby, so she'll be fine -- it's her mom that concerns me.