Monday, August 03, 2009

A combination dream...

I'm sure you've had the following dreams:

1) You're naked someplace public.

2) You're late to something.

In my most recent dream, I was supposed to teach a 6:00 PM Logic class.

At 6:20 I'm sitting topless in my office when I realize I needed to be upstairs 20 minutes ago.

So, I pull on a t-shirt and go upstairs to apologize...

When I get up there, I realize I haven't put my bra on -- and thus have only one boob.

then, thank God, I woke up.


Anonymous said...

I've had the same dream numerous times - but despite being a "one-boober" in real life, I alwys have both when dreaming. Not sure what the significance of that is, maybe it's because I seldom think about my missing breast... Except for when my bra goes thump when I drop it on the chair!

Seeking Solace said...

Good thing it was a dream. :)

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

This was the first time I've had any dreams about my boobs... at least since my surgery about a year ago.