Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Teaching Biomedical Ethics scares me...

If they can't make paper deadlines, how are they going to get me my medicine on time?

If simple directions like "bring the graded copy to my office" -- results in them bringing NEW a printout of the assignment... am I going to get the right medicine?

If giving a whole day to group organization results in groups coming to my door asking questions they were supposed to settle last week .... will they be running back to their nursing school instructors for help?

dammm--- I'd better lose weight, get to the gym and start reading up on health stuff... so I never get sick, because the future of nursing is scary.....


The_Myth said...


I have sooooooooo been where you're at. I am *horrified* at the potential future doctors, nurses, and teachers I've had in my classroom.

If not for No Child Left behind, I suspect many of them wouldn't have gotten through high school!

Yet, here they are...in college...and most likely will have the degree by simply meeting minimal standards and whining there way through a few grade grievances.

Bitty said...

I like to think -- I hope -- that med/nursing school will weed them out.

I sometimes must suppress the desire to laugh out loud when certain parties tell me of their plans to be doctors or lawyers.

I teach a lot of budding engineers, so doncha know it gives me pause when I travel over the many bridges and overpasses in our area.

You couldn't get me in a skyscraper!!!!!

I just heard the other day that the local high schools want us (I teach freshman/sophomore college English) to teach their teachers how to teach their core list of literary works.

This should be interesting.