Saturday, April 26, 2008

RBO more snow on my toes

  • The wind is howling, the snow is going sideways and the geese are curled up in little Canadian Goose shaped balls on the golf course.
  • All the cats are sleeping on my bed.
  • I have the makings for taco salad in the kitchen.... the BNstate version that includes Doritos. I'm going for the 'lite' version, with baked Doritos, turkey, lite Ranch dressing and non-fat sour cream. I'll let you know how it works out.
  • I'm ignoring a sloppy apartment and a chapter that won't write itself --- although I did clean the catbox, as some things are necessities.
  • I seem to have missed at least one or two episodes of Ugly Betty -- I've got to look into that, maybe I've got them on my ipod and I haven't watched them yet.... hmmmm.
  • I'm happy that Boston Legal is moving to Wednesdays -- Tuesday was way too crowded -- what with Hell's Kitchen, NCIS and Deadliest Catch all on the same night.... Wednesday just has Top Chef --
  • YEA, Army Wives will have a second season. If you haven't seen it -- you should, you'll recognize your girlfriends in the characters -- it is really good.
  • Yesterday was the day of long talks with neat women.... After water aerobics, I went to lunch with my pals because one of them will be gone for a month visiting her hubby who is stationed at GITMO.... Yesterday evening was the regular (I hope) metro CC philosophy profs meeting -- it was scheduled for 7-9 PM -- but ended more like 10:30. Today my introvert-self is pretty tired....
  • and --- when I went to the grocery store, I didn't wear my coat (hoodie sweatshirts don't count) and I wore my sandals. I refuse to accept that it isn't spring.... eventually mother nature will stop being po'd at us.


Debbie said...

It's back up in the 70s here - but also with bigger and better earthquakes! You win on the snow, though - we've had flurries in the mountains but snow season does seem to have ended down here, just in time to be replaced by what's apparently our new season - tremor season. As of yesterday we'd had 289 since February 28, and that was before the latest swarm.

JustMe said...

oohoo, i love army wives!! do you know when it will be back on?!

JustMe said...

also, sorry for the snow!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Army wives should be on soon -- but I don't know when. I have it in the TIVO, so it will pop up when a new episode is on... I saw the red head on NCIS a while back, she played a good psyco-nympho....