Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Fever..."Drive Like a Lady"

Since it is 75 today and sunny, I decided I couldn't wait for Hubby to bring the Jeep home.. I had to have deck furniture today!

So, I went shopping. If you are like me and don't want a whole set of furniture for your deck... especially if you don't want to pay more for deck furniture than you did for your living room set -- the best place to go is Lowes.

After looking at Home Depot, Target, CostCo and Lowe's -- I found what I was looking for... two really comfortable chairs. They are black iron and I found some cushions to fit them.

The real challenge was getting them into my car -- Toyota Corollas aren't exactly known for their hauling needs.... I knew that, in a pinch, I could call Sunshine -- who would have been sweet enough to bring her honey's truck to help me get them home... but this was kind of an independence challenge for me.

It turned into a geometry challenge. The backseat doors were just a bit too small. No matter how I rotated them, they wouldn't go in.

I could get them partially into the trunk, but I couldn't close the trunk.

That's when the Lowes Guy came by to help me tie them in. Actually, the rules prohibit him from tying the knots for me, but he did bring a long bunch of twine and helped me figure out how to get the in and tied down -- -

He sent me off with the advise to "drive like a lady" --- which the feminist in me puzzled over for quite a while.... but which I finally took as 'drive gently'...

Thanks to rush hour, I didn't have to drive fast, and I got my chairs home just fine...

Now, to put them on the deck!

The trunk ope

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Travis said...

Well, I'm sorry your Wild got eliminated to make it happen, but now there is an Avalanche/Red Wings series. How could you not love that?