Saturday, April 19, 2008

An on-line something made me smile...

.... a job announcement.

The thing is, if the circumstances are what I think/hope/pray they are, it is happy.

No, I'm not applying. I'm not qualified and if I were, I'd strongly consider it -- but then think again and decide not to. It isn't even in my field or in my state... So those of you at BNCC can chill out :).

The thing is, the person whose job it is now / was -- isn't one of my favorites... in fact, it is one of the three non-people.

I don't know the details, but I do hope that this non-person is going elsewhere and not changing jobs within the organization or something... If they got a better job, more power to them -- and good riddance... I say don't let the door hit you....

and, a secret note to the search committee --- hire carefully, please. You've had not one but TWO 'problem children' in this job. Do a personality test at the interview or something -- really.

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