Monday, April 14, 2008

Plans for your check?

So, what do you have planned for the economic stimulus check you'll get in May?

We should put it toward bills....

instead we're going to take a vacation in July...

I figure by July it should be nice and hot down here, so we'll go north.

Also, by July we'll be pretty fried from writing our dissertations, so we'll need a break.

The plan is to go go up the lake a ways... (the big lake) Staying in the US on the way to and from Canada. We're going to Rossport Canada. We visited briefly on our trip a couple of years ago -- but we've always wanted to visit again. It is an old-fashioned hotel -- with few amenities, but nice chairs on the deck overlooking the lake, and a great restaurant.

On the way up, we might stay someplace that was a hunting lodge -- that has an amazing dining room and that serves afternoon tea -- On the way back we'll probably do the Best Western, because we'll be wanting some internet and a king sized bed :).

If we plan it right, we can get the weekday rates all around -- and have a nice, refreshing vacation....


Seeking Solace said...

We are going to use it toward home improvement.

Bitty said...

What we ought to do is pool it in a trust for the next generations because they're going to need it to pay off the debt incurred to give it to us.

Since that's impractical, I'm going to buy a refrigerator. Which I was going to buy anyway.

I'm no economist, but I keep asking this question: so the economy gets a nice influx of cash in May/June as this money arrives.

What about July? What then?

No one has answered it to my satisfaction yet.