Thursday, April 03, 2008

I have some questions....

Using Gish rated language, please define the following terms...

1) "Hook Up" -- does this involve more than just kissing? Is a relationship required or is the point that you don't have a relationship?

2) "keeping it real"-- How could I 'keep it un-real' -- if that's the alternative... metaphysics isn't my strong area, but I have a funny feeling that whatever constitutes 'real' can't be avoided...

3) "that's how I roll"-- Are we talking driving or sushi??

4) 'da bomb' -- huh? Is it good or not? If I bomb a speech or a class, it sucks -- but the context seems to indicated that it is a good thing to be 'da bomb'... so, what does 'da' do to change the meaning of 'bomb'?

I can feel 40 sneaking up behind me, most of my friends are about my age and thus no help and hubby has just turned 40 ---



Anastasia said...

my take on these (and I could be wrong..)

hook up = kissing plus anything up to and including heavy petting

keeping it real = the opposite of being a player. players play, which is to say they are dishonest and manipulative in a way that's self-serving. keeping it real means being honest about one's intentions and true feelings.

that's how I roll = this is how I do things.

da bomb = is good

anyway. :)

julie said...

#1 - WAY more than kissing: sex.
#2 - not 100% sure, but something like "not acting in an ironic, Simpsons-dialogue-kind-of way"
#3 - take it or leave it because I'm not gonna change
#4 - extremely terrific (although I thought this expression went out about 10 years ago . . .)

I can ask my college-aged offspring if you want . . . .

JustMe said...

yah, hook up can mean anything from kissing to sex. relationship is a impossibly but very very unlikely.
and agreed with anastasia and julie on the rest.

beyerstein said...

Hookup=sex (Oral sex without intercourse probably counts as a hookup. But if you're talking about a heterosexual couple of college age hooking up, people will assume that you mean intercourse.)

Making out=physical encounter limited to kissing and fondling.

i) Jamie and Fran made out at the party last night, but they didn't hook up.

A hookup is a sexual encounter between people who weren't previously physically intimate.

Hookups may or may not evolve into relationships. There's no implication either way.