Thursday, April 19, 2007

I need an extension for this post...

Dear Blogosphere,

I really need an extension on writing a good, thoughtful post.

It has been a hard week.

My hubby is teaching in Red State and I have to go visit him today -- and that entails packing up the laundry, driving in really boring places and ending up in a decent mid-sized city... and doing it all again on Sunday

We have a new cat in the household who won't let me type without sitting between me and the keyboard.

I have a feminist epistemology paper to work on and an appointment with someone at grad school on Friday to work it out.

I have syllabi to write for Summer --which comes way, way, way too close to the end of finals week for me... I hope you'll support my plea to administration for an extension on starting the summer session... without a corresponding delay in my summer pay.

I have final exams to write for logic and Intro to Philosophy.

I have to do logic homework for my classes next week, as they are getting to the hard problems and I want to make sure that if they can't do them, I can...

It is finally SPRING here, and as such my allergies are making me silly.

So, as you can see I'm in no mood to write a thoughtful post on and or all of the following: hiring, being an adjunct, my fears about being department chair next year, how nice it is to work with wonderful people like I do, why my super-dean may need an alter-ego to get everything done, how it feels good to make progress on my own work, how I'm exited that hubby only has a couple of weeks before he comes home for the summer or even just a list of all the odd places New Kitty has deicided MUST be explored, now!!

Thank you for the extension.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

I have been granting extensions left and right, so sure. Why not? You get an extension.

Bardiac said...


You sound busy!