Monday, April 09, 2007

busy, busy, busy...

1 Intro to Philosophy exam (20 points objective, 30 points essay, epistemology)
1 logic quiz (proofs)
1 letter of recommendation for Sunshine

1 logic class (proofs)
1 Intro Class (Kant -- the Cliff Notes version of Transcendental Idealism)

1 appointemnt for new kitty's vet check
Spring 08 for Dog Dad, with a generous compromise from Wise Woman
Interactions between New Kitty and Extra-Toes -- and New Kitty and Blind Kitty with a minimal amount of hissing and growling.

Many phone calls from hubby on the way back to Red State
My car's liscense plate tags in the mail
The bill for the cleaning service

1 vet appointment
1 Passport application (needed for Canada, sigh...)
The cleaning lady comes, thus I must clean for her...
All afternoon -- living in my head -- finally!

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