Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dear logic students

Sometimes when I'm teaching, I have odd thoughts...

What if the two boys in the back (who don't get the material) hooked up with the two girls in the front -- who also doin't get it? Their children would be doomed -- they couldn't reason their way out of a game of "Duck, Duck, Grey Duck" --

Why would you take the class, be worried about your grade and not keep track of it yourself? Asking me the day before the last day to withdraw means that you don't pay attention until the end of the class... hmmm.

If your prof says, "if you don't understand the material, i.e. if you can't do all the problems in the chapter, you need to come to the optional class". IF YOU DON'T GET IT, THE DAY ISN'T OPTIONAL FOR YOU!!!!! After the first time, it should be clear enough to you that when we get the class back together, we'll be doing new stuff and you'll be screwed.

If you and your friend don't understand what is going on, why in the world would you spend most of the classtime giggling together? Perhaps it would be a good idea to pay attention, ask questions and not be a complete dork.

Also, fyi, when you lie to me and tell me you understand, I can tell. In fact, in my head I predict your next quiz score. You usually fail and last time your actual quiz score was a more spectacular failure than I'd predicted.

Finally, although a doctor's appointment may have excused you from high school, this IS NOT high school. I schedule things around teaching classes, you can schedule stuff around a class you are dooing poorly in. Getting a ride from your ding-bat friend hurts you both... you're and adult. I'll see you when you have to re-take this class. The couple off people who are re-taking the class this semester are doing well, they learned the lessons that you are learning this semester.


lgainor said...


~G -> ~O

(Certain)students don't get it.


Thus (by Modus Ponens)



But if Modus Ponens is among the things that students don't get, then they would fail to understand that ~O follows from ~G -> ~O and ~ G

Bardiac said...

The line about duck duck grey duck cracked me up totally.

It's that time of the semester, isn't it?