Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Red State to BN state playlist...

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place -- Animals [because getting out of Red State is an imperative}
Counting Crows- Omaha -- Counting Crows [a perfect description of Omaha]
My Little Town -- Meredith Brooks [how Omaha feels -- to me]
dean-iowa [as he hits the Red State border... a scream is warranted]
Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are -- Meat Loaf
Where The Streets Have No Name -- U2
Young, Dumb & Ugly -- Wierd Al Yankovic [kind of a comment on Iowa..]
Turn the Page Bob Segar [for the lyric, "on a long lonseome highway, East of Omaha"]
Danger Zone -- Kenny Loggins [because Iowa is dangerous, you know]
It's The End of the World As We Know It (and I feel fine) -- REM
Don't Fear the Reaper -- Blue Öyster Cult [this song was used in "The Stand"]
Come To My Window -- Melissa Etheridge
i want to come over -- melissa etheridge
Crazy For You -- Madonna [one of the sexiest songs... I think]
Have I Told You Lately -- Rod Stewart
Still Crazy After All These Years -- Paul Simon
Stuck With You -- Huey Lewis and the News [one of our travel theme songs from way back...]
I Can't Dance -- Genesis
I Just Can't Wait To Be King -- Elton John
The Girl From Yesterday -- Eagles [hubby says it reminds him of me]
Affirmation -- Savage Garden Affirmation
The Big Fellah -- Black 47
Most Precarious -- Blues Traveler
Get Over It -- Eagles
Battle of Who Could Care Less -- Ben Folds Five
Bitch -- Meredith Brooks
The Freshmen -- The Verve Pipe [good to sing along to]
Uncle Fucka -- South Park
Sunday Bloody Sunday -- U2
Say What You Want -- Texas
Blame Canada -- South Park
It's Easy, MmmKay --South Park
Jessie's Girl -- Rick Springfield
Shit Towne -- Live [about the time you get to Des Moines]
Rockin' the Suburbs -- Ben Folds [Des Moines is a suburban wasteland...]
Bohemian Rhapsody -- Queen
Prince - Let_s Go Crazy -- Prince [about on the turn north... YEA]
Walking on Sunshine -- Katrina and The Waves
Electric Blue -- Icehouse [an old love song for us...]
Jesus He Knows Me -- Genesis
What I Am -- Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
Livin' On A Prayer -- Bon Jovi [about at Ames -- for the lyric "hold on, you're half-way there"
If I Could Turn Back Time -- Cher
We Didn't Start the Fire -- Billy Joel [great to sing along to... and you need it about this time in the trip...]
The Downeaster "Alexa" -- Billy Joel [strangely, it fits this part of Iowa]
Philosophy -- Ben Folds Five [one of my songs... ]
You May Be Right -- Billy Joel [an old song of ours, from before we were married]
In A Big Country -- Big Country [Iowa is a Big Country]
Complicated -- Avril Lavgine
Barbie Girl -- Aqua Aqua Electronic
Across the Miles -- Survivor
Make Me Lose Control -- Eric Carmen
On A Bus To St. Cloud -- Trisha Yearwood [a love song set in Minnesota... a natural]
3 AM -- Matchbox Twenty
Land Of Confusion -- Genesis [because you are still in Iowa, a land of confusion...]
Crash And Burn -- Savage Garden Affirmation
My Hometown -- Bruce Springsteen
American Pie -- Don McLean [by this time, you are in the area near where Buddy Holly died]
A Thousand Miles -- Vanessa Carlton [because it seems like a thousand, it is only about 800 round trip... ]
Stray Cat Strut - -The Stray Cats
Wanted Dead Or Alive -- Bon Jovi
1985 -- Bowling for Soup
If I Had $1,000,000 -- Barenaked Ladies
Skater Boy -- Avril Lavigne
Find Me -- Laura Branigan Branigan
God Bless the USA -- Lee Greenwood [for the lyric, "from the lakes of Minnesota"]
Big Machine -- The Goo Goo Dolls [how hubby sees the big U]
Because You Loved Me -- Celine Dion
Take My Breath Away -- Berlin
Faithfully -- Journey [our first love song...]
Year of the Cat -- Al Stewart [because the cats demanded the song be included]
Crazy -- Icehouse [an old love song for us..]
I Knew I Loved You -- Savage Garden
Never Say Goodbye -- Bon Jovi [the ultimate prom song]
Right Here Waiting -- Richard Marx [because I am waiting for him... ]

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