Monday, April 16, 2007

Family and Fun City... all in one trip

In the middle of next month, whille some of you will be at Kazoo with one member of my family, the rest of us will be gathering at Great Aunt's house in the Cheese State.

This gathering happens every year about this time -- it started because the family member would be at Kazoo and his wife thought it would be a good thing to bring the kids to see Great Aunt, and then it got out of hand... like things often do with my family.

Not being a Midevalist, hubby generally gets (has to) come with me... but, poor hubby generally dislikes these gatherings. There is little action and quite a bit of talk about things that are interesting only to us... There is also generally a bit of dithering and indecisive behavior. I love it, because I grew up with it -- but I can understand how it isn't so much fun for hubby.

So, this year we have some time before the family event and I made him a deal. Before we do the family thing, we'll have some fun in Big City.

Tonight I made the reservations for this little trip... and got an amazing deal on PriceLine... for $20.00 per night more than our Best Western in Cheese State, Hubby and I will be at a 4-star place in downtown Big City.

I'm proud of my travel-ninja skills...


comebacknikki said...

Make sure you eat some cheese curds! :)

Bardiac said...

Whereabouts in Cheese state? (Feel free to email me if you'd prefer: bardiacblogger AT yahoo DOT com)