Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spring is all about second chances...

So far I've signed a few "add" slips - which is unusual for me. For the most part, I decline to add students once the open drop/add period expires. For some reason, I'm making exceptions.. hmm.

One student is a former logic student who will really dig the Ethics course -- so I did an overload for her... we happened to run into one another in the hall, got to talking and made a "deal" to let her into the course.

Another student came to me with a confession -- he'd done poorly at BNU -- for long enough that they told him to go away. He and his parents (his mother was standing just outside my office door) thought he should come to BNCC for a second-chance. BNU has pretty decent admission standards, so I suspect this one had way too much fun for his GPA... and Mom isn't about to let that happen again -- since he's living at home, I suspect he'll come to class.

Finally -- an African student came to me today. He has a spark in his eyes, is very articulate and was very polite about wanting to add the logic course. I asked him if he was re-taking the course and his answer was that he took a mathematical logic course in Nigeria and that he likes this kind of stuff. I showed him the text and the letters/symbols didn't make him wince... I told him it was his responsibility (since he's missed three meetings) to get caught up.

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