Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A bit at loose ends..

Yesterday I sent the dissertation to Dr. Advisor -- Please send good vibes for me to Red State ;).

So, I don't have dissertation work to do.

At BNCC, my class prep is done for a while -- and, the only class I need to do any original thinking for is Ethics... and that's more of the same. All the on-line quizzes are written. All the discussion topics for the semester are posted.

Logic doesn't take any original prep, I've been teaching from the same text for 7 years -- I've got that one nailed down :).

My committee just had a big meeting -- and, we had a pretty strong consensus around our common book for next year. As soon as it's officially announced, I'll tell you :).

We're in a schedule lul -- so the most "exciting" thing about being department chair is that someone is leaving a room open when they're done teaching....

Hubby is busy with moc/moot (or some other word to indicate the absence of "real") court.... so he's not even home.

So -- I'm at a bit of a loose end. My desk at home is still a bit of a disaster area, so maybe I'll clean it up... then put myself down for a nap/read... hmmm.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think you should find a good book, even a trashy one, and take a load off.

mrc-w said...

Yeah for sending off the dissertation!!! Sending good vibes on your behalf!