Saturday, January 16, 2010

I wonder...

  • why the Queen and the Minion get super excited when they see a car moving in the parking lot?
  • how the people on House Hunters think they can justify 6 bedrooms and 4,000 square feet for a family of three?
  • why they put such idiots on House Hunters? One girl wanted to be right downtown, but insisted on being able to see green (and only green) outside her windows..
  • why I find the show "Holmes on Homes" to be so appealing? -- I suppose it's the avenging contractor thing... hmm.
  • what I'm going to do once I'm actually done with my dissertation? I've been working on it so long...
  • if I'll be able to defend it this semester? -- think good thoughts for me.
  • if the Queen is smarter than some of my students? -- seriously.
  • how many logic students will pass this semester?
  • what I'll be doing this summer, besides teaching (assuming a defended dissertation)?
  • if I can really lay by the pool, drink diet Coke and read trashy novels for 6 whole weeks?
  • if I'll be able to keep up the "you need to call me Dr. ITPF" rule for the whole week after I defend?
  • if Facebook and Farmville will be nearly as attractive to me, once I don't have them to use as a procrastination device.
  • what, in the world, I'll do for a sabbatical project if my dissertation is done-- when I finally take one.... Kris, I may hit you up for advice and ideas...


Seeking Solace said...

House Hunters can be annoying. Especially when you see people fresh out of college spending $250-$500K on a brand new house. It just another reason why we are in the mess that we are in.

I would love to relax by the pool, drink a Coke (no diet, yuck) and read. Bliss!

Anonymous said...

Farmville won't be nearly as attractive but you will finally understand the appeal of Cafe World.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

All good reasons for me to stay away from TV and FB!

DocWalk said...

Nine years and two months ago, I (successfully) defended my dissertation, no thanks to Bejeweled. It can be done.