Thursday, January 21, 2010

... and then they write a thank-you note...

My family-tragedy incomplete from last semester has finished the course.

She'd been doing very well up until the end -- when her world turned upside down.

Other profs weren't as compassionate -- as is their right -- but, in this instance I'm glad I offered an incomplete.

She dropped by to give me her paper -- and, upon reading it realized it was crap --so, since she'd earned a C without the paper, and I gave it to her. Now she can get the admissions folks off of her back and get her academic life back on track.

When she left my office -- she gave me a heartfelt thank you note -- describing her experience and thanking me for my help in getting her back on track.

I have to remember my students are mostly young and sometimes crap happens -- even to young people. The tricky thing is that the young folks don't have the skills to manage life, when life is falling apart. I'm glad I did what I could to help her out -while being fair to others..


Seeking Solace said...

I am impressed with the thank-you note. I can't get my nieces and nephews to do that for gifts!

Anonymous said...

I bet you're glad you were lenient with her.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Really --- I'm glad I set up my policies so that I could give her some leeway... without showing any favoritism.