Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One icky thing about academic summer schedules..

.. is that people think we have the summer "off".

NO -- you dumb *itch, I've been working (mostly) since 6:45... yes, at my desk, doing work stuff when you were rolling your lazy ass over for another hour of sleep. Well before you got to the office we've had our caffeine. About the time you were rolling into the office and checking your Facebook, I was eating "lunch".

When you see me at the pool around noon, I've already been up for 6-7 hours and worked for at least four.

So -- when I say we might be napping at 3:30, it isn't unreasonable. Especially since we might be up late too.

Don't tell me I have the summer "off" --


Seeking Solace said...

Seriously! Summers off??? Yeah, right!!!

Bardiac said...

Well, and we only work half time during the school year, too!


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

yea -- especially if you listen to the Governor of my state....

Anonymous said...