Sunday, June 07, 2009

On men's facial hair..

What's the deal with those little patches of hair -- or thin strips of hair around their jaws?

The little patches under their lower lips must be for catching drool.. and someone must have told these twerps that the thin strip makes them look more manly.

guys -- these 'styles' make you look like stupid asses... either shave, or have a decent beard. Don't go halfway -- and, if you can't grow a decent looking beard, admit that you aren't man enough to do so and learn to love shaving.


undine said...

The one under the lower lip is, I'm told, a "soul patch." I'm not fond of them, either, but that's a minority opinion; it's very fashionable.

The ones I don't understand are shaved heads with soul patches on the face. I try to think of this fashion in modern terms, but they always look like Wooly Willy to me:

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

It may be funky or fashionable in context -- but on white dudes in the suburbs, it looks like they can't figure out how to shave properly.

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