Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farrah and MJ...

... and my childhood.

We 'played' Charlie's Angles -- my best elementary school girlfriends and I. Down the hill from where we were supposed to be on the elementary school playground. I was the only blonde, so I got to "be" Jill.

It was secret, it was kind of subversive and rebellious, and it was fun.

The father of one of those girlfriends (M) was a lawyer, they lived in a big house and had money to buy a VCR well before my family --- and my girlfriend had an actual recording of a couple of Charlie's Angles episodes.

Fast forward to high school --

M and I aren't close anymore -- I was a band geek, she was a cool choir girl --

We were assigned to be locker partners our freshman year.

Our only dispute was about which poster to put up --- I was a Prince fan -- she liked Michael Jackson. We compromised and put up one of each.

Fast forward again to this year --

I TIVO'd the show "Farah's Story" -- and watched it when my own hair was still growing back in... to see Farah without her hair made me feel just a little bit better about losing mine.

I'll be honest, I'm not a Michael Jackson fan. I'm sorry he died suddenly, if only because I know it will be hard for the people who loved him. But -- Farrah -- I'll miss her.

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