Monday, June 15, 2009

Domestic day & an afternoon on the porch...

The Queen and the Minion didn't manage to mess things up too bad -- not like other times when the clean-up continued for days...

but, it seems that I'm not quite ready to be back in 'write the darned dissertation' mode either.

So, I decided that we needed a Costco run (which we do, no groceries for a while before my week in Florida = Costco) -- but, I also realized that the fridge was full of stuff that needed to go.

Once I started to throw stuff away, I saw how icky the shelves and things actually are... so, they came out and got washed.

Now, it's all dripping -- while I take a quick break with what we've come to call 'fake Mt. Dew' -- i.e. Roundy's "Mountain FURY".

Plus, we've been here for nearly two years and I don't remember doing this before.... so, it was time.

Soon enough Hubby will be out of the tub, I'll shower and we'll go shop.

Sometime this afternoon will be both porch and pool time.

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