Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home sweet home.....

... where the wild animals aren't lethal.

Seriously, there are alligators all over the state of Florida, sharks in the water and the latest thing was news of a poisonous caterpillar...

Yikes -- no wonder Floridians are either in air conditioning, the pool or in shallow ocean water -- every place else is dangerous.

It was also icky-hot there. 95+ with humidity -- which, by the way, they NEVER talk about on the weather. In BNstate, they give you the temp and the dew point -- which lets you know what it actually feels like.

Either, the humidity wasn't unusual, or they didn't think folks would understand the concept. Up here, it's akin to reporting the wind-chill.... a bit of information everyone needs and expects.

As you can see from Mom's photos... we had a good time. And -- for all I complain about it, I'd do Florida in the summer again -- at least May or June. For now, it's good to be back in BNstate...

maybe I'll spend August in the state boundaries.... hummmm.

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