Monday, June 01, 2009

Another project -- done!

We have a DVD habit.... a bad one.

As a result, the DVDs were threatening to take over our livingroom.

A while back, in an effort to solve the problem, I put all the movies and CDs in those books...

That worked ok for the CDs, because we promptly changed to using our ipods -- so we never look in the CD books for anything.

The DVD books were less efficient and we got into them more often, which resulted in loose DVDs hanging around.

I also didn't do anything with the sets of TV series -- until yesterday.

Hubby and I decided something needed to change -- so we set off for Office Max. We bought paper sleeves and storage boxes. I spent most of yesterday and a couple of hours this morning getting rid of the packaging. All the DVDs are in their own little sleeves, the movies are in alphabetic order (complete with tabs :) , and the TV series are grouped together. I extracted all the important information from the packaging -- it's grouped together behind the neat little boxes...

The only series we decided not to put into the system are the STTNG collector's boxes --

YEA for fininshing a project -- now, back to the big D.

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