Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thank you, American Airlines...

Well, at least thanks for screwing over a couple of friends -- so we got to see them :).

D1 and his sweetie, The Enforcer, ended up as impromptu house guests last night. You see, they were trying to leave BN state -- but American Airlines would have none of that...

It seems there was some weather between here and their backward southern state --- which tends to put American into a tizzy -- a tizzy I've experienced often enough that I won't fly them anymore.

The good folks at Northwest were able to help them out with a direct flight, but American forgot to release their tickets before they went home... thus, D1 and the Enforcer had to wait until today to go south on American....

Since hubby and I live pretty close to the airport, it was convenient for us to go get them, give them dinner and a place to sleep for a bit. The Enforcer got a treat, as we went to Cheesecake Factory (ymmmmm ---- really!) and then she got to see a videotape her debate coach debating as a competitor.

This morning I dropped them off before water aerobics, and since they aren't here now, I presume they got on their 10:00 flight.

All in all, I'm sure they would rather have gone home on time -- but it was a nice surprise visit for us.

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