Sunday, July 15, 2007

Polygamous Pigeons pooping on the Porch...

We've had a polygamous group of pigeons on the porch for a while now.

Part of moving entails cleaning the stuff off the porch. That stuff is covered in pigeon poo.

We threw the furniture and storage cabinet over the edge, dragged the whole mess to the dumpster via the garage and said goodbye to most of the stuff from the porch. It was about time for it to go -- and now I can get new stuff for my new porch next month -- about the same time all of that kind of stuff goes on sale.

The problem is that the pigeons have eggs in at least one nest on our porch..

Perhaps that will end up being the problem of our apartment people. They've known about the pigeons for at least a year and have done nothing. Of course, last year we told them that their proposed solution (catching the pigeon with a pool net and bringing it off the porch via our apartment) was unacceptable, so they'll probably want to charge us for it.

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