Friday, July 20, 2007

2 weeks...

2 weeks from today we'll be moved.

This apartment has been good to us. It is big enough to do what we thought we wanted.. i.e. give us separate work spaces. Once hubby got the job in Red State, it turns out we didn't want separate places to work after all. It also turns out that I want an apartment that has been updated since the 1970s, and that isn't maintained and managed by racist and sexist morons.

We've given away a lot of books. I used to think I wanted to keep every fiction book I read because I was sure I would want to read them over and over again... until I didn't. So, I sent a bunch of books to a blogger who lost hers in a tornado and gave the rest away locally. I'll still buy and read fiction, but unless it is something I'll use in class, I won't hold onto it when I'm done.

Friends have spoken up about wanting most of our old furniture. Brain and Simon's Mom will take a desk and bookshelf. Mom will take the bed, a desk chair and a couple of bookshelves. Hubby's sister will take an extra desk and a pal who is moving into a new place will take the other extra bookshelves we have. Even with all that furniture gone, I am worried about being able to squeeze our remaining furniture into our new place...

This weekend I'll pare down the stuffed animals, kitchen gear and hall closets and then do another Goodwill run. I'll also figure out how many boxes we have, buy some new boxes and clear space to stack them once I pack them.

A week from today we'll get a trailer to pull behind the JEEP. Sunshine and I will use it deliver mom's stuff. Sunshine has never been to the northwoods or seen the superior lake, and she's been living here for several years... it is about time, and I'll need help unloading the bed at mom's :).

In the following week we'll use the trailer to deliver our old furniture around the beginning of the week. The 1st of August is a Wednesday, so we can start moving our boxes into the new place.... We'll do that on Wednesday and Thursday so that when the movers (paid... a lot per hour) get here on Friday the 3rd, all that will be left is our furniture.

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