Thursday, July 12, 2007

money, why I love summer teaching...

A few things are simple truths.

Moving is expensive.

We'll pay movers to move our furniture. We'll move the rest. Even so, we are planning about $750.00 to go out to the movers on August 1.

Hubby and I are good at spending money.

Our AMEX bill is kind of high again this month, sigh.

My summer pay is on top of my normal pay and I'm done with my summer class.

Until the end of August I get nice paychecks and I don't have to talk to freshmen at 7:45 AM.

So, I can pay the bills AND not have to work.

damm... I love July.

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timna said...

my summer pay, so far, has only been 25% of what it should be. somehow HR decided I was only teaching one class and spread that salary out over the whole summer. now we are in the second summer sesssion and I'm hoping to see the other 75% pretty darn soon. all the kids' expenses come up during the first half of the summer, not the second half.