Friday, January 25, 2008

quote of the night....

Hubby and I have ritualistic arguments.

When we are in Red State, he insists on calling what is clearly a pond a 'lake'.

When we are in California, he insists that palm trees don't exist and that the interstate should be called "THE 5" (yea, I know that is what Californians call it themselves, but they are wrong too).

He just persists in these bad habits of thought and I correct him... if I miss even one, he says it sets a precedence, and thus he's right forever....

So, on the way home from the harbor cruise tonight I finally said, "Just because I don't correct you, doesn't mean you aren't wrong".

His response was something to the effect of 'that is the definition of the American male's life'.... 'especially the married American male'.

yea -- that's my hubby.... but, I can keep up with him.


Anonymous said...

this is how i feel about people who call san francisco "Frisco".

Jon Cogburn said...

Or people who call New Orleans "The Big Easy," or "N'awlins." Nothing sets you off as a tourist mark as much as saying either of those things.

Locals tend to pronounce it New Orleeuns, which is actually closer to the French pronunciation.

Bardiac said...

Only Southern Californians call freeways "the" five or "the" 405. Northern Californians call it 5 or I-5. :)