Thursday, January 31, 2008

The first set of student mysteries this semester...

I have one of those syllabus handouts with a bunch of specific policies. Really, they are common sense and if I were really teaching adults, about half of them would be necessary... but, I'm not, so they are.

I also hate to do the 'read the syllabus to the class' thing on the first day -- So, I do a take-home syllabus quiz.

All of the answers are on the handout. The last page of the handout IS the quiz -- so I know they have it.

There are about 4 multiple choice questions, 4 points worth of opinion questions, and 12 T/F.

How could anybody miss more than a point or two?

Why does a student who has had me before nearly FAIL it (because he didn't read the syllabus last time, nor did he read it this time -- and he guessed... wrong)?

I really don't understand them.

maybe they are from another planet --- or, maybe I am...



julie said...

You and I must be from the same planet, then, because I do a syllabus quiz, too. But having it on the last page is BRILLIANT. I'm stealing that idea, okay?

timna said...

maybe it's the same students who have not yet opened the content section in the online class. at the end of week 3, 9/24 had not yet opened week 2's materials.


The_Myth said...

May I direct you to this post?

#1 is very much an attitude I have encountered rather often: The student who simply isn't very bright who accuses the instructor of being unclear.

I cannot tell you the number of times I was accused of asking "trick questions" that were only tricky if one had a/ not come to class, b/ not taken notes, c/ not rad the textbook.

It's only a "trick" if you don't know the answer! {and as my mom always asked, "Whay aren't you allowed to ask a trick question anyway?"}