Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good day!

After a bit of a conflict with AMEX (in which their confusing billing practices became another reason not to use the card -- that, and we spend way too much money when we do....) I had a pretty darned good day.

I got my hair cut and colored by the best hairstylist in the world.... She's also a very good friend...

She had time after my appointment, so we went to lunch.

I then went to the gym, where I had the pool almost entirely to myself -- YEA! There were some kids in the other pool, so I had something to look at -- but, no splashy old men trying to do the butterfly and looking like they are about to have a hear attack.

I came back to Hubbys, took a little nap and read a bit...

now I'm going out for the best Indian food in the world....

Not a bad way to spend one of my last days of winter break -- much better than about a year ago when I was meeting my debate team in Colorado, and finding out they hadn't done much to prepare.... sigh.

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