Monday, January 28, 2008

Goodbye San Diego....

It's been fun -- you've always been a place of fun.

Prior trips have been focused on debate, with the fun on the side..... and even when I had to be responsible for debaters, you were still fun.

This time, you gave me a two day conference and a whole weekend to play. THAT was fun.

I'm sure we'll be back -- we always seem to come back. Even if next year's conference is back in DC, we'll find a reason to spend a long weened with you anyway.

For now, thanks for giving us a break from the snow and cold. We really appreciate it -- and we didn't really mind that you weren't at your best --- in fact, it was kind of convenient, as it seemed like your residents spent the weekend huddled around their space heaters while we had fun with the Chinese tourists in Tijuana....

See you soon,
me and Hubby

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Seeking Solace said...

So glad you and hubby had a great time!