Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"I'm leaving on a Jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again"...

.. well, I'll actually be back on Monday...

and, I really hate that song since I've been in a LDR... it is just too sad.

but, this time hubby will be meeting me -- YEA!!!!

and it will be warm
-- because it isn't here... it is getting to the 'pretty darned cold' stage around here.

Right now, on my bed I have the following assortment of things:
Dress clothes, shoes, socks and other things...
4 scutty t-shirts
flip flops
fun birkenstocks
my travel cosmetics bag (much larger than what I usually carry, which is nothing...)
1 pair of hubby's Christmas socks (which turned up in the laundry, and he'll need)
hubby's book
my raincoat

all of that will go into a 22-inch suitcase.

really, it will...

it has to.

Update -- it fit -- barely. I've recently learned the real purpose of expandable suitcases -- If you close the zipper with the expansion zipper un-zipped, you can use the expansion zipper to compress the contents. Now, all I need to be concerned about is the prospect of the TSA inspecting it, they'll never get it all back in there...

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Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

Having just gotten home on a jet plane, all I say is: be prepared for loooooooong security lines. The threat level is orange again...