Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New pool.. wow!

Hubby and I went to a new location of our health club today. It is in a fast-growing suburb on the road to Red State.

It is really, really, really nice -- and huge. Like, the size of a small shopping mall huge.

The pool was the best part.

They have an indoor lap pool and an indoor recreational pool that has water slides, lap lanes and 0 depth on one side. The great thing about this is that the recreational pool gives the kids someplace to go so that they aren't wanting to mess around in MY LANE. I hate it when any people (big or small) get into MY LANE.

The really cool thing is that they have all the same stuff outside -- in a very similar configuration, only larger. Today I got to swim laps and do my own water aerobics class outside, not in some dank, half-dark kind of echoing room where creepy old guys sit in the sauna and whirlpool and watch you swim.

Also, the locker rooms and showers were nice, they have a large salon and caffe - etc...

What may be the best part is that their new location in Red State will be similar to this one. So, when I'm down to see hubby I can go to the good gym -- and when I'm home I'll have the choice between the close gym (which isn't bad, just isn't the good gym) and a longer drive to the good gym.

I can't wait until next week -- Mom is coming to spend the night on Tuesday and we'll go to water aerobics at the good gym on Wednesday morning.

After I'm done teaching I think I'll do the 9:00 class every morning. That ought to get me in shape in no time...

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