Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Kitty Update.. including photos

Here she is...
Posing as a towel.

And a paperweight

and a snuggle-buddy for Extra-Toes

and as desk toy.


Seeking Solace said...

AWWWW. I love the paper weight photo. She looks like a statute.

julie said...

What a lithe, regal creature! Lovely photos.

Miss Kitty said...

OHHHH!!! Most beautiful kitty EVER!!! Indeed, she's very regal. Does she like snuggling & petting?

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

She does like to snuggle, but like many female kitties she wants it on her terms -- usually when it is least convenient for us. I also think that she's a bit aloof because she was a stray until some kind soul brought her to the Humane Society so we could adopt her.

She does tend to spend more time snuggling and being pet by extra toes... sometimes I think she's his cat and not ours.