Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A few random observations...

-- The tops of UPS trucks are now white. Probably to keep it from getting so hot inside... smart.

-- Recently it seems to me that making fun of GWB is just too easy... some would say it is like picking on the developmentally delayed kid in school, but it seems to me more like it is easy to be critical and that when easy criticism turns into cynicism, there is nothing he could possibly do right.

-- I work well on writing projects first thing in the morning. I wish I could regain that focus later in the day.

-- Our front driveway and parking have been ripped up for a month with no end in sight. This is because our management sucks. I'm glad to be moving.

-- Hubby and I own more camping stuff than some people own stuff. Bisquick now has a single-batch system where you add water to the container, shake and make pancakes.. This is great for camping, not so efficient at home.

-- BN state in the summer is great! I'm very happy to be staying in the state this month.... of course, hubby and I are planning a long weekend in NYC in October, since we have some free airline tickets and our Fall Breaks overlap... shock of shocks.. and we don't have to do debate tournaments anymore.... YEA.

-- (related) It is going to be odd to be in NYC and not Red State that weekend -- we've been at that tournament for 10 years and, while I won't miss seeing a certain someone there, I will miss seeing the original Dog Dad, Hubby's first debate coach and the generally fun group of people that end up there at that time. On the other hand, maybe I won't miss them that much...

-- We're going camping tomorrow for a couple of days. The JEEP is very happy about this. I have a few things to pack before we go, but hubby is doing the car load etc... so we can go as soon as I get home.


Miss Kitty said...

Bisquick ROCKS, any old time.

I love their Garlic-Cheese Biscuit Mix. Nine minutes to biscuit heaven.

Oh, that the title of a food porno?

Christopher said...

I will miss seeing you at the Debate Tournament, but I am probably not going either as I have tenative plans to do something else and I can't even remember what it is. Have fun camping, kids.