Thursday, June 28, 2007

Done, nearly done and almost done...

Almost done:
Writing assessment project... the bulk of the essay reading is complete, now we just need to read the "tie breaker" essays... maybe 20 of them.

Nearly done:
My feminist epistemology paper. I think it is good and could get better -- but I'm letting it sit for a month or so before I take one last look at it.

I left myself a clean copy of the most recent version and a checklist of stuff to look at later -- essentially notes to myself in a couple of forms -- so that when I go back I don't have to remember what I was doing when I left it to simmer on the back burner.

#1 My teach-a-thon... two semesters, no breaks --

My semester started a few days before everyone else's when I met my debate team in Rocky Mountain state.

My spring break was two days in Red State -- a long nap and a pedicure in my pjs doesn't really count as a Spring Break.

Between Spring and First Summer session, BNCC seems to think that a weekend is sufficient...

Add to that a kind of time consuming search for adjunct philosophy faculty, and the result is a pretty darned long time of teaching...

#2 My time as a commuter -- we are moving to within 5 minutes of BNCC, and not a moment too soon. I spent an extra 30 minutes stuck in traffic today on the highway, all due to a relatively minor car accident -- gack....

For the next few days I'm going to catch up on housework, go to water aerobics and have some fun. No serious academic stuff for me -- my brain needs a break.

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julie said...

Mmm! Feminist epistemology - I did some work here a million years ago. Who're/what're you talking about? I'd love to read it.