Friday, December 30, 2005

A year of travel

It seems that I can't go a month without leaving the state I love --- I wonder if that is why I love it... hmmmm

Here is the list for 2005

January: Washington DC
February: San Diego and other debate travel
March: Lubbock (eek)
April: -- I may have stayed home this month -- I don't recall -- maybe we went to Wisconsin for pie at Norske Nook...
May: Madison with the family/clan
June: Colorado, Teach for a Change...
July: Florida with Mom
August: Missouri, debate camp
September: Washington DC, again -- YEA!!
October: Debate, Debate, Debate (i.e. Missouri x 2, & NE) AND Chicago
November: Nebraska, Walzer
December: California....

What I anticipate for 2006
January: California, Missouri, Nebraska -- all debate
February: Washington State -- debate
March: Oregon, twice -- more debate, nationals this time...
April: Wisconsin, NFA...(yep, debate)
May: vacation???? Canada???? honey? (I love Canada...)
June: Teach for a Change in Utah
July: Drive to Florida with mom and Pat???
August: debate camp in Missouri
September: -- probably some debate travel
October -- I know there will be some debate travel
November -- shocker... debate travel anyone?
December --- maybe vacation someplace warm?? or, snowed-in in the UP....

good thing I love to travel.

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