Saturday, December 03, 2005

"California cheese"

OK -- so, California has everything, mountains, ocean, avacodos, movie stars and nice weather...why the hell do they think they have to steal cheese from Wisconsin.

Let's be honest, Wisconsin has cheese--- and that is about it.

I'm tired of seeting the TV commercials about California cheese, somehow being better because it comes from "happy cows" -- how do they think their cows are any happier in Californa than in Wisconsin?? Mabye cows like cold weather and living in a state that sells a lot of fireworks and beer.

Here is to a boycott of California cheese.

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Natalie said...

The boy, being from WI, HATES the CA cheese commercials. AFter a beer or two, if one comes on, he will start screaming at the TV "FUck you, cows don't get cold."
Hilarity ensues.