Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Trees

We are big procrastinators around here...

We went to get a Christmas tree yesterday (Dec 23...) and found nobody with one to sell..

After a discussion about not getting one at all -- in which we decided it was just too sad not to have one -- we went to Target and got an artificial tree (on sale, by the way -- 30% off).

I've always been someone who ranted and raved against artificial Christmas trees. They are FAKE, don't have that great smell and contribute to the pressure we put on ourselves to have the perfect Christmas.

I'm kind of astonished to say that I love the thing. It doesn't set off my allergies, we don't have to sweep up needles and worry about the cats drinking the tree water. The best part is that it came with the lights already on it -- so, the nasty part of decorating the tree is done -- all we had to do was add our ornaments, and we were done.

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